Ironman to IronRisk

2012 will be a break through year!

Let’s face it, every year starts off with the possibility of being a breakthrough year and each of us spend a great deal of January, at least the first week or so, thinking and possibly planning about how to make this year exceptional.

I recently looked back over the last five years and identified what specifically made them good or great years. Two events stand out in my mind:

  • First would be the completion of Ironman Triathlon. (I have been fortunate enough to experience that thrill 3 times)
  • The second would be starting my business, IronRisk Strategies, LLC.

Now I suspect many of you have already figured out that the business model for IronRisk Strategies, LLC is partly the byproduct of the lessons learned, and experiences had, while training for, and racing the Ironman triathlon.

For those of you who don’t know, the foundation of IronRisk Strategies is our ability to help our clients manage Risk beyond the simple placement of insurance and how to best turn those Risks into opportunity (and profits.)

Success in Ironman is about a strategic Risk Management plan designed to get you ready for the race, and to get you to the finish line on race day.  The same could be said for success in business.

2012 will be exceptional for me because this is the year I get to combine these two passions. On November 3rd,  I will again be racing Ironman Florida.  My plan is to share with you the lessons learned along the way.  But I will not just be writing about training for, and racing Ironman Florida.  I will also be connecting those stories with Risk Management ideas that I believe could help make your business better.

My hope is that the combination of what are sure to be interesting training stories, along with connecting those stories to Risk Management Strategies I have learned over my 25 year career, will at one point or another, ring true and inspire you to improve something in your business.

Making anything exceptional is always about improvement and innovation.  So let’s make 2012 exceptional as we all take on whatever challenges we chose, and share the lessons learned along the way.

Stayed tuned for the next post: So Where do I Start?  Until then, make this year Exceptional!!!