What to Do if You are in an Auto Accident

  1. Contact police.
  2. Obtain information about other people involved in the accident or anyone who may have witnessed the accident.
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Insurance carrier
    • Policy number
    • Etc.
  3. Take photos of the accident site, if possible.
  4. Have the vehicle towed to a repair facility if it cannot be driven.
  5. If the vehicle is drivable:
    • Obtain an estimate for repair.
  6. The claim adjuster will review the estimate and may send an appraiser to see the vehicle.
  7. The claims adjuster will deal directly with the claimant or his/her attorney. Do not deal with the claimant yourself. Please refer all inquiries to .
  8. Expect to be contacted by the claims adjuster within two working days. Please call if you have not been contacted within that timeframe.
    • If the damage significantly affects your continuing operations, we will request that the insurance carrier expedite your claim.
    • Please let us know immediately if your circumstances change and this loss will have